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Here is the List of HyperionX topics, each one capable of blowing your mind (bwuah ha ha ha ha!)

HyperionX955 - What Child is This?

HyperionX956 - Smells like Keen Spirit

HyperionX957 - Glorious Wood of the Morning

HyperionX958 - Riled (Hyperion hates Cameron Diaz)

HyperionX959 - Ragtime (Hyperion confronts bigotry, as only he can)

HyperionX960 - The Pile Grows Evermore

HyperionX961 - Whitewash (The Media goes into the Pile)

HyperionX962 - The Pile (people I hate)

HyperionX963 – IRREVERSIBLE (Movie Review of a film so controversial I had to put it here)

HyperionX964 – WAITING (Movie Review, with such great dialogue that I had to put it here)

HyperionX965 – Animated Jungle Fever (What it would be like to sleep with various Disney Characters)

HyperionX966 – 100 Things you need to know about Women (‘Cause they sure as hell aren’t going to tell you)

HyperionX967 - "Just Like That" Hyperion's first public attempt at erotic literature; now over on Hyperion After Dark

HyperionX968 - The Hate List Grows (more things that piss me off)

Hyperion X969 – T&A Q&A (Questions about sex that people are afraid to ask)

Hyperion X970 – Things that Piss me off (The ins and outs of Jumprope. What do you think this column is about? I’m disgusted you’d even read the explanation after that title)

Hyperion X971 – The Great Debates (Socrates would be proud)

Hyperion X976 – In Defense of Blasphemy (What are you lookin’ at?)

Hyperion X977 – Wha-The-Fuh? (More small items)

Hyperion X986 – Hodgepodge (Hyperion X’s version of potpourri)

Hyperion X989 – Poetry Corner (Just what it sounds like,

Hyperion X992 – Bloodrage (Hyperion is VERY angry)

Hyperion X996 – The List (People and things that piss me off)

Hyperion X997 – Hate Haiku (Hate Mail in the wake of #123 All Women Are Martyrs)

Hyperion X 999-998, 995-993, 991-990, 988-987, 985-978, and 975-972 were all movie reviews (albeit with sometimes salty language), and can now be found over at Movie-Hype.

Other HyperionX Material
Best Tee-Shirt Ever - Just like it sounds
Let your Freak Flag Fly - a Test to determine how much of a "freak" you are

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